Evans Waterless Engine Coolants Conversion Kit

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Evans Waterless Coolant Conversion Kit is an essential tool for converting from a water-based coolant to Evans Waterless Coolant.

•Coolant water content test strips

•Test strip instruction card

•Waterless coolant installation instructions

•Warning decals


Evans, E2197

•(3) Litmus test strips - and instruction card

•Evans General Installation Instruction

•A convenient pour spout, easily attaches to the neck of the gallon bottles - for a spill proof conversion

•5" decal

•Large square decal

Country of Origin: USA


NAFTA: 382200

Hazmat Flag: N

Item Unit: 1 Bottle

Evans NPG+C Waterless Coolant is the recommended coolant for all gasoline and diesel engines. NPG+C is a stand-alone lifetime coolant that does not freeze, or boil over. NPG+C controls detonation, cavitation, and is non-corrosive. Installing NPG+C requires the radiator, engine block and heater core to be drained completely and then filled 100% with NPG+C. NPG+C meets or exceeds both the ASTM D 1384 corrosion test and the ASTM D 3306-94 specifications.

NPG+C Technical Information:

    • Boiling Point is 375°F @ 0 psi
    • Freezing Point at -40°F
    • Viscosity - 2.3cp @ 212°F
  • Surface Tension - 44dyn/cm